Pathway to become a Premium Wedding Planner

Professionalism of a Premium wedding planner

An event management professional should have passion and love for all the segments of entertaining and converting an event into a fun and memorable moment for the clients. Therefore, it is an exciting and rewarding profession driven by compassion and enthusiasm. If anyone is inclined into achieving that professionalism, then he or she can look forward to their career at Maritus Events and Wedding Planners, one of the premium wedding planners in Kerala.


As a premium wedding planner at Maritus, you will be given the responsibility to hold premium weddings – lots of weddings. It will be the most challenging and fun assignment that you will ever need to juice up your adrenaline. After all, weddings give the kick.

Aim at becoming a Premium Wedding Planner

Make sure you inhabit all the skills and techniques required for you to become a premium wedding planner including excellent communication skills, persuasion and negotiation techniques, and finally, the aesthetics to visualize and create a fabulous and unique event for your client. Every wedding should be unique in its own style but also should leave a trace of your signature taste which leads to us being the best wedding planners in Kerala.


The planning includes components like venue, budget, catering, decor, entertainment, logistics, bookings and many more which a good premium wedding planner will sort out. All the components should be handled responsibly and in perfection to make the event a memorable and successful one.

Know the drills of a Premium wedding planner

A successful premium wedding planner will have to know how to delegate every client, interact with the vendors and suppliers, create a production plan, design layouts of various requirements including lighting and table-scaping. The catering menu, budget and delivery have to be perfect and they have to be chosen carefully by shortlisting the ones you trust and are flexible.


When all this gets sorted and the event is successful which the client praises you for, you have become a premium wedding planner. The happiness of the client is the satisfaction you can crave for while doing an event which you will get to enjoy when you are working for the most premium wedding planners in Kerala, Maritus Events and Wedding Planners.

Give it your best to be a Premium wedding planner

Before you deliver your final plan to the clients, you have to make sure that all the aspects of the wedding decor and management are thoroughly fulfilled and match the clients requirements. It has to be done in a step by step manner where you set your own guidelines and also know where the chances of risks are. All your plans and aspects should be discussed with the clients and you should not fail to know their hopes and concepts for the event too.


One of the most vital parts of wedding planning is the venue selection. There are many concerns including the selection and confirmation of the venue for the wedding which includes the space, location and the accessibility of the venue from the client’s residence who are obviously the bride and the groom. Sometimes, the location and specialty of the venue can also hold a different kind of aura in the wedding. It can vary from a loud and well known venue to a silent and private venue depending on the clients wish. The venue should be accessible to both the bride and the groom, if not, there should be arrangements for their stay somewhere near the venue for their convenience.

Approaches to becoming a Premium wedding planner

To work as a premium wedding planner, you should have proper training and approach towards the conduct of events. A thriving passion to make the wedding more fun and exciting is what turns the job of a premium wedding planner interesting. At Maritus Events and Wedding Planners, we keep the enthusiasm as well as the creativity, visual and aesthetic sense.


You should be able to fit in all the three roles from an organizer, manager and executive all in one and should also be able to provide advice to the vendors and suppliers to make them deliver to the standards set. 


Every day in this industry, the trend and outlook changes and a premium wedding planner should be updated on the latest styles of weddings. The client that you get will always have an definitive opinion on how their big day should be and you need to prioritize their opinions, keeping in mind also the practicality of those ideas. This can be achieved if you have a friendly and open mind approach towards the client and the mentality to support their needs in order to become a success in this industry.

The real success for a Premium wedding planner

It is always important for you to remember that nothing good comes from over-expectations. Every tiny change or decisions you make should be consulted with the client. The real secret of becoming a successful premium wedding planner is your effectiveness in creating the required support systems. 


Another factor to be considered is your aesthetic sense, which will appeal to the decorations involved in the wedding including the stage decor, lighting and arrangements of various properties. You need to be updated on the latest trends of this as well. Different clients might have variant tastes regarding the decor and entertainment which makes your job to understand their likes and incorporate the same in the event.


Once you get all of this sorted out, you are welcome to have a bright and fun career at Maritus Events and Wedding Planners, the premium wedding planners in Kerala.