“Till Death do us apart” in God’s Own country


Kerala as we know it has always been one of the most wondrous and exotic states in the country, for the same reason that it has been home to tourists from across the world. In the recent decades we saw a rising trend in the number of Destination Weddings that happened in the country although the pandemic turned the tables all together. As and when we try to come out of this standstill that Covid instilled into our lives, Kerala has come up onto the list of “Best Wedding Destinations In India.”

Keeping apart from the “Big Fat Indian Wedding” that has always been something Indians are known for across the country, intimate weddings that would hold only a guest list of 50 and lesser people are also something prospective brides and grooms look for when they intend to tie the knot. This might have been initially because of Covid, but today’s generation has a way of personalising every moment and immortalising the love they have for each other without the usual hustle and bustle of over 500 guests and relatives. Therefore, keeping all this in mind the next question would be “Where do I get married?” and as obvious as it sounds the answer would be “Why not God's own country: Kerala itself?” Covered in serene beauty of the hills, lakes, backwaters and beaches all at the same time, Kerala is the best destination for you to say yes to your one true love and make it all the more special. The best part in all of this as mentioned already is that you can plan a myriad of weddings according to your taste and preferences. Be it the typical romantic beach wedding straight out of a movie, or a houseboat affair with the near and dear ones, or something more magical and memorable like the nuptials among the never ending lush green mountains in the state.

Also, with premium wedding planners like Maritus events and wedding planners in the state, why go for anything else.

Now that I have put the thought that Kerala is precisely what you are looking for, next up would be proving the fact. So, why is “Kerala” out of every other destination known for weddings as we know it? Here’s why….

Countless options to choose from

As I already gave you a glimpse of the types of wedding that you can carry out in the state, proclaiming your love for your partner in an offbeat way more so yet would only make it incredibly memorable.

Beach weddings in Kerala carry with it a beauty of its own to say the least. Now you might think Goa is also apt for a beach wedding. Yes, Goa is also a very highly opted and obvious choice for a beach wedding as it attracts a lot of brides and grooms into the state because of the element of fun that is guaranteed. But..but..but…think about this: away from the hustle and bustle of the loud and possibly drunk tourists that cover the beaches of Goa, how about tying the knot in India’s only Clifftop Beach Resort, The Raviz Kovalam? Sounds like your idea of an ideal wedding, doesn't it? Let alone the number of beaches surrounding the peace of heaven, Kerala has numerous resorts that enable a very private yet dreamy wedding that you would hope for. Be it an early morning wedding at six in a specially built mandapam by the beach, a straight out of pinterest christian wedding with an amazing altar or yet again a magical sunset wedding that would result in incredible pictures of the moment you claim your love for whatever life is left, Kerala is definitely the perfect destination for an unforgettable wedding experience.

Coming to the serene view of the backwaters, a beautiful stretch of palm groves, a soothing breeze as you sit by the shore of sparkling water would make you think “If heaven was on earth, it falls right here!” Imagine getting married to your better half at a location so heavenly, now that would be a story that you would never get tired of sharing, which is exactly what you would expect to have because Hey, you only get married once! There are multiple resorts in and around Alleppey/ Alappuzha that allow you to book out the whole of the resort for you and your close ones for a more private ambience and a close knit feel or the exact opposite, it depends on what you are looking for. Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere Resort is one such piece of beauty, along with Ramada Resort along the banks of Alleppey as well as lakesong Resort at Kumarakom backwaters for a change. Houseboat marriages are also an option.

It is almost impossible for you to visit Kerala and to never have been on a Houseboat, so you would know how amazing it could be to get married in one. The intimate, private events with lesser number of people can be held in the houseboat while the other ceremonies and events can be held somewhere in a resort adjoining the backwaters which sounds very much like a win-win situation.

Talking about hills, Kerala is home to a stretch of huge and vivid mountains and hills filled with lush green tea estates and coffee plantations. If you are looking for a wedding along with a separately planned private honeymoon in a different resort or the same, Kerala is the place for you. To be precise, The Spice Tree in Idukki district of Kerala is an alluring and a highly attractive destination for your wedding. In that case, be it Muslim or a Christian Wedding the tranquil lacation is equally befitting.

Now there are a lot of other reasons why people are choosing to get married in Kerala and why should too. For a minimalist wedding with near to zero costs and lesser efforts you can get married at the glorious Sri Krishna Temple of Guruvayoor. The age-old tradition of hindu malayalis is to do the “thalikettu” at the mandapams provided near the eastern entrance, and hold a reception later for the ones who weren't there for the ceremony. So, those are the reasons why you should totally get married in Kerala. Be it any of these exotic locations, Maritus events are one the best event management companies in kerala that would help you organise a one-of-a-kind wedding without a doubt. Being the best destination wedding planners in kochi and trivandrum, they can help you set up a magical wedding anywhere in Kerala.

Best Places in Kerala

To mention about the countless resorts that are available to you near angelic locations, it almost makes you think twice if you are living a dream. Zuri Kumarakom near the vary famous Vembanad Kayal, Estuary Island Resort on the shores of Poovar Island Beach, or the very famous Bolgatty Palace resort which is basically a 1744 Dutch Mansion turned resort which brings a very aesthetic and antique feel to the entire wedding. Also, wedding destinations like Jaipur and Rajasthan can be expensive, known for its palace-like royal weddings. Although attractive, not everyone would be ready for a huge wedding like that. Nowadays people opt places where they can chill and have fun when they get married rather than stress about the venue and the costumes meanwhile. Exactly why Kerala is the best spot for you as a wedding destination.

Also wedding expenses in Kerala are less than that in Goa, so you get beaches either way. The only difference being Kerala is more affordable but also extremely paradisiacal. As you look around the state you realise that it is called “God’s own country” for a reason. Not to mention the cuisine is one of the best in India, so when you hold a whole wedding in Kerala you won’t miss out on an opportunity to savour the local and traditional food items of Kerala. Again, with the help of Maritus wedding planners who are undoubtedly the best in wedding event management in Kerala you can get in touch with any of the resorts and make it your place for the time of your wedding.

Maritus Wedding Planners

Now if you are not from or around Kerala and you are stressing over how to handle things down here efficiently, do not worry. The solution to all your problems would be one name which is: Maritus Wedding Planners. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Maritus has numerous successful weddings under its belt which is why you should choose them for organising your wedding as well. With an experience of handling elite customers and luxury weddings, the company aims to create magic, quite literally with the type of themes and ideas that they implement during a wedding to make it as different as it can be from a yet another wedding.

I said this once and I'd say it again, Maritus wedding planners are the best wedding planners Kerala has to offer with their offices in both Trivandrum and Cochin.