Trendy Monochrome Bridal Lehengas that you should look out for!

“Selecting a wedding dress is more than just a fitting… it’s a process – a memory in the making”

The season for Indian weddings has arrived! In a world where everything is subjected to change and evolution, keeping up with the new trends, be it the bridal lehenga you’re going to wear or the wedding theme you’re planning, can be exhausting. To-be brides, typically experiment with colour variations to come up with exclusive combinations for their dream lehenga. But what if you’re not a fan of the wild and loud colour combinations?

Fear not, because we’ve rounded up the hottest monochrome bridal lehenga looks!

Classy Red:

It’s no surprise, that red tops this list! Many brides choose a classic red lehenga because red is a colour that symbolises love, passion, and strength. This kind of lehenga is often preferred for a traditional styled wedding. Go bold and make a statement with a red monochrome lehenga!

Sober Pink:

Unlike the most preferred hot pink, softer shades of pink are becoming quite popular! The colour pink stands for purity, innocence and romance. Pink also radiates a mood of tenderness and cuteness. What could be more perfect for a princess-themed wedding than a breathtaking sober pink lehenga?

Mysterious Blue:

Fan of fantasy? Say no more, for blue coloured lehengas make you feel like you just stepped out a magical realm! It is an excellent choice for a wedding as it represents stability, security and loyalty. With blue also meaning trust, go for a minimal yet stylish blue lehenga for your D-day!

Lovely Lime Green:

Green being the colour that signifies growth, balance and mother nature; is the ideal shade for a lehenga that will set you apart from other brides! Lime green is also a great blend of traditional and western designs. Have an extravagant wedding day with the nature’s favourite, green coloured lehenga that radiates hope and balance!

Radiant Yellow:

Wearing a yellow coloured lehenga on your own special day, immediately makes everything look so bright and jubilant! Representing hope, cheerfulness and intelligence, this flawless lehenga will definitely add elegance to your wedding and set the dance floor ablaze once you start grooving!

Gorgeous Grey:

Grey is a neutral colour that can represent maturity and security. If you want to wear something that is trendy yet traditional, go for an elegant monochrome grey lehenga. It’ll reflect the personalities looking for stability and composure and make you shine like the star you are!

Imperial Black:

Often associated with death, black may not seem as an ideal colour to choose. But don’t forget about how striking the colour black is, as it reflects power, depth, and mystery! It is both fashionable and timeless. A black lehenga gives you the best bridal look with a bold finish that simply states you are not to be trifled with!