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A Wedding in Black: Classy or Sassy?

Parvathi & Vinit, July 8, 2018

The colour black has always been associated with death and is considered a taboo for weddings, but is it really? To select black as the colour theme requires one to be bold and put in great efforts. It is a colour that is simple yet timeless, never goes out of style and is both elegant and contemporary. The couple, Parvathi and Vinit with the help of Maritus Events and Wedding planners were able to pull off this trend effortlessly. Known for their quality of work, Maritus took the colour theme to the next level with beautiful flower arrangements and jaw dropping stage decorations. The bride and the groom just looked stunning in their black attires!

Celebrity wedding, grand reception, unlimited fun and entertainment can be a weakness for anyone. Actress Parvathi Nambiar’s and Pilot Vinit Menon’s wedding reception was one such. The reception was held at the very popular Casino Hotel, CGH Earth, 5-star hotel, which is situated in Willingdon Island.

The reception had a very dark and a mysterious vibe to it. The childhood pictures of the bride and groom were adorned along the sides of the path to the venue bringing in a sense of nostalgia. Both the bride and the groom were happy and the reception was a huge success. It was a pack of unlimited joy and laughter with family and friends and many esteemed actors who showered the bride and groom with lots of blessings.

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