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SINCE 2011

Maritus has organized many destination weddings of many cultures and traditions such as Themed wedding ,Beach weddings, North-South themes weddings, Jungle theme weddings. Maritus is considered to be the best Wedding planners in Kerala, established in the year 2011. It started with a small tea of passionate dreamers.

With an experience of more than two decades, Maritus Events and Wedding planners has organized many destination weddings of many cultures and traditions, such as, North-Indian weddings, south Indian Weddings, Maritus is considered to be the best Wedding planners in cochin, established in the year 2011. Maritus works both as a wedding planner as well as a wedding designer in luxurious weddings and events. If you need a perfect wedding planner in Kerala Maritus Events will help your wedding in all details with its Professional wedding team. With its offices located both in Cochin and Trivandrum . Maritus Weddings is the perfect wedding organizer for dream weddings Maritus Events is ready to manage your destination and create your dream night with all of the details. Your wedding planner in Cochin, Trivandrum and your wedding planner will guide you to make your dreams come true with its creative and Professional touches!


Wedding Advisement

Discover the Path to Your Perfect Union: Allow us to assist you in planning your dream wedding. Our team of experts will provide valuable advice and support, ensuring that every detail is handled for a truly magnificent celebration.


Wedding Conceptualization

Bring Your Matrimonial Vision to Life: Experience the magic of creating your wedding day. We specialize in transforming dreams into reality, crafting a remarkable and unforgettable event that mirrors your distinct style and preferences.


Venue Exploration and Space Planning

Finding the Perfect Setting for Your Nuptial Symphony: Embark on a journey to find the perfect wedding venue. Our team will help you explore different options and carefully design the layout, creating a magical space that sets the stage for your special day.


Entertainment Production and Artist Management

Crafting a Tapestry of Artistry and Splendour: Step into the spotlight as we create an extraordinary entertainment experience for your wedding. With our expertise in artist management, we guarantee captivating and delightful performances that add an unforgettable touch of glamour.


Banqueting Recommendation and Coordination

Indulge in Gastronomic Majesty with Impeccable Curation: Indulge in culinary excellence as we suggest and coordinate the ideal wedding banquet. Our meticulous attention to detail guarantees a delightful feast that impresses your guests and leaves a lasting impression.


Wedding Trousseau Styling

Crafting a Regal Tapestry of Attire and Adornments: Enter a realm of fashion excellence as we assist you in curating your wedding trousseau exclusively. Our team of stylists, through personalized consultations and shopping experiences, will help you create a royal and breathtaking ensemble.


Guest Relations and Hospitality Management

Embrace Unparalleled Guest Experiences with Grace: Craft unforgettable memories for your guests with our exceptional hospitality management. We anticipate every need and provide enchanting logistics, guaranteeing a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone.


Wedding Cinematography and Synchronization

Capture Timeless Moments in Breathtaking Visual Melodies: Immerse yourself in the essence of eternal love with our captivating cinematic expertise. Maritus collaborates with a skilled team who beautifully captures every precious moment, creating a cinematic masterpiece that preserves the everlasting flame of your sacred union.

Our Process

A collaborative approach, where we work closely with clients to understand their vision and preferences, and create a customized plan to bring their dream wedding to life.


Planning your Dream day

Maritus events and Wedding planners , Plan of the wedding consists of the following: Organizing and coordinating the wedding, creating moldboards and themes, designing the wedding with 3D drawings, finalizing the details of the decoration, light & sound system and all technical equipments, entertainment & shows, gifts, invitations, table cards and every single detail that is related to your wedding.


Stage designing and Conceptualization

The process of designing the wedding will be as follows: a) Presenting the concept of the wedding on mood boards, 1st a pre mood board to discuss the general ambiance and then the actual mood board in details to proceed. b) Visiting the site, taking measurements, creating a floor plan for the same. Recreating the magic, with 2D and 3D designs. stage decor supporting the same.


Production and Site management

This is the most curious part of the process building as this stage where all suppliers are done with their work with assistance and coordination of Maritus team. The exact budget will be finalized, after discussing the mood boards with the accounts department, designing department and the production in house team. In this stage, the production of the every single detail related to your event will start. Maritus Events has many strategies to approach .We find the quickest solutions and the best quality for the production, especially for the themed events and weddings.

Maritus, as the name suggests, is one such choice for wedding event management in Kerala which aims to ‘celebrate the day’ rather than simply offering paid services. Through each small service that we add to the wedding, we look on to maintaining the spirit of the wedding by creating a strong rapport between us and the clients. So, whenever you check out for ‘wedding planners in Kerala near me’ remember, we are just a call or a word away from you.

When it comes to brain storming of ideas related to wedding, we completely leave it up to you to open up and simply share your needs with us. For the same reasons, we are called the top wedding planners in Kerala. However, in certain cases, the clients would want to meet the traditions and customs of the wedding without giving its celebrative mood. Stay concern free! We are also the best wedding event planners in Kerala and we assure you the best of what you truly deserve. We are also extremely proud of the fact that we also share a strong, unbreakable emotional relation with our clients. The same is the reason why remain the unanimous choice as the premium wedding planners in Cochin and Trivandrum and anywhere in Kerala.

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