Freqently Asked Questions

Here are the answers for the common doubts you have about hiring a wedding planner and destination wedding in India

Why should I Prefer Maritus?

Our expertise in logistical wedding planning is the finest to be found, and it is in this area where many events can go wrong. Sourcing SUPPLIERS is one part of your planning, but time management is the other. We have an excellent reputation and take being wedding planners very professionally.

How would site visits and venue selection be handled?

We can make recommendations, as every bride and groom is different and your memories are for a lifetime. We can advise of what is and what is not included with the venue package for you to make an informed decision and we can accompany you on visits to selection of venues, if required. Whatever you choose, we are happy to work with you and can guarantee that we can achieve your desired result. We are bespoke planners, which mean we work with whatever you give to us.

Can we speak with our wedding planner at any time?

Yes, via email, letter, over the phone or in person. If you are having a last minute panic and no-one else is awake to listen to your concerns, and then make contact. We do advise that during the wedding season, weekends are very busy for us but if you leave us a message we will, of course, reply promptly

Are your services available in other states or are do you function only in Kerala?

Although we are based in Kerala and we do weddings within the state, we can certainly extend our services nationwide. We are capable of doing destination weddings in different locales throughout India, like Rajasthan, Agra, Goa etc.

If I am interested in having a wedding in Jodhpur or any other place, whilst being out of station, will Maritus Wedding Planners be able to organise the same?

Most certainly! Our clients are always kept in the loop and regular contact with the couple and their parents via mail and phone is maintained to keep them informed about the smallest of details. We promise you a day you will never forget, cooked up according to your tastes and desires. We are available around the clock, every single day, so you can reach us with your ideas and plans.

What services do Maritus Wedding Planners provide?

We look after all the areas of the wedding, from the initial planning stages to the final honeymoon packages. We offer consultation, planning and design based on your needs and tastes. Our services include venue selection, wedding invites, bride & groom styling, wedding theme and décor, catering, celebrity management, travel, accommodation and logistics and much more. You tell us your needs, and we will whip it up for you.

Are your services limited to a specific type of wedding?

Our repertoire is conducive for a wide range of wedding events and be it an engagement ceremony or a royal barat procession, we can cater to all. What matters here is your requirements and itinerary

How do you select the venues and suitable sites?

You can give list out your favourite destinations according to your budget and we will help you shortlist them based on the season and availability. If you are unable to visit the destination of your choice, we will help you with pictures. Once the venue is set, then Maritus will help you organize the show around tour and during the final stages of the preparation, our team will be on site to ensure that the matters are being attended to.

How do you go about arranging travel and accommodation?

We provide travel facilities for the pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding days. Our services include airport pick and drop as well as sight-seeing. Also, Maritus Wedding Planners have got an extensive network with hotels and resorts, so it is easy for us to arrange for group travel and accommodation

Will Maritus be able to provide religious assistance during the wedding?

Our team at Maritus respects the religious beliefs of our clients and caters to whatever assistance they might need during the ceremony. We are able to book mandaps at temples and arrange for priests and masses at churches. Our team is also equipped to deal with designing required accessories for the event like having ring cushions, thaalams, manthrakodi baskets etc.

Which part of the year would be a good time to arrange a wedding in India?

Weddings in India takes place all over the year and we are able to provide our services irrespective of the seasons. Nevertheless, arranging an event between April and September would be the ideal time as the weather would be good and pleasant.

Would enlisting the help of Maritus Wedding Planners fit my budget or will the services be too expensive?

Our job is to cater to the client’s wishes and lay out plans within their budget. A wedding planner is not expensive because the services we provide are customized to fit your budget. During the initial consultation stage, we will draw you an estimated cost file according to your needs, including the destinations and venues. Once you finalise your budget, we work with more precision and give you a more detailed quotation.

Is it possible for me to check up on your past clients or references before I book your services?

Of course. You can go through our testimonials before you consider hiring us. Also, if you are interested in talking with a past client, we would be happy to arrange that for you as well.
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