Hello, romantics and joyful nomads! Most likely, if you’ve found this blog post, you’re looking for that ideal, picture-perfect wedding in God’s Own Country, Kerala. So stop looking now! Allow the professionals at Maritus, your go-to wedding planners in Kerala, to take you on an outdoor wedding extravaganza that will leave you speechless at the beauty of nature and our unmatched organizing abilities. Welcome to the gateway of love, where nature’s beauty meets exceptional wedding planning expertise, Maritus, your premium wedding planner in Kerala! Here at Maritus, we’re passionate about creating magical outdoor weddings that reflect the natural splendor of Kerala, the enchanting land of backwaters, hills, and beaches. Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to turning your dreams into reality, blending the charm of the outdoors with our impeccable planning skills. 

Imagine a scene with luxuriant greenery, swaying palm trees, and the tranquil sound of the sea lapping at the shore. In our opinion, there is no better place to celebrate your love than in the midst of nature’s most beautiful works of art in Kerala, which is truly a piece of paradise.

So why would you select Maritus for an outdoor wedding? This is why:

Breathtaking Locations: In order to bring you the most breathtaking outdoor wedding locations, we combed Kerala from tip to tip. We have everything, from exquisite coastal locations to enchanted hilltop hideaways. It’s up to you whether you say “I do” beneath the starry night sky or the bright azure skies.


Expert Planning: Don’t worry, planning an outdoor wedding may be just as unexpected as monsoon rain. Our team of skilled experts can handle any issue because they are well-versed in Mother Nature. We’ll take care of the details so you can concentrate on your love story, which is what matters most.

Customized Themes: At Maritus, we think your wedding should reflect who you are as a person. Your outdoor celebration will be specially designed by our imaginative wizards to showcase your unique personalities and love story. We’ll make sure your wedding is a true expression of your journey together, regardless of whether you’re whimsical, traditional, or a blend of both.

Decor Inspired by Nature: What good is an outdoor wedding without the ideal decorations? For ethereal decorations that effortlessly mix with the surrounding natural beauty, we are inspired by Kerala’s colorful flora and fauna. We’ll make your wedding a fairytale with centerpieces that range from rustic yet exquisite centerpieces to cascading flower arches.

Delicious Cuisine: Kerala is renowned for its delectable cuisine, and your wedding feast won’t be any different. Our culinary masters will create a menu that titillates your taste buds and honors the diverse regional cuisines. Prepare yourself for a culinary journey!

Sustainable Decisions: We worry about the environment in addition to designing beautiful weddings. Taking care of nature is part of embracing it. In order to make sure that your special day has a beneficial influence on the environment, we work to include environmentally friendly procedures and sustainable choices in your celebration.

Celebrations without Stress: Arranging a wedding can be difficult, but with Maritus on your side, you can sit back, unwind, and let us take care of everything. We take great satisfaction in our meticulous attention to detail, exceptional organizational abilities, and dedication to making your wedding planning process enjoyable and stress-free.

Stunning Performances: Kerala is a place of lively art and culture, and we’ll incorporate stunning performances into your wedding that will astound your guests. We’ll set the scene for an amazing celebration with traditional dance styles like Kathakali or beautiful live music.

Exploration and Adventure: Turn your wedding celebrations into a mini-adventure! Backwater cruises, forest excursions, and wildlife safaris are just a few of the amazing activities available in Kerala. With Maritus, you and your guests may turn your wedding into a special holiday!

Lasting memories: Your wedding day will remain in your hearts forever as one of your favorite memories. We make sure that every second is spent in love, laughter, and happiness, and that every moment is treasured.

In conclusion, you can anticipate nothing less than a stunning outdoor wedding extravaganza when you choose Maritus as your top wedding planner in Kerala. You and your guests will be mesmerized by our love of nature’s beauty and commitment to creating exceptional experiences. We provide everything you need to make your ideal wedding a reality, from gorgeous venues to skilled planning, unique themes, and eco-friendly options. You will be immersed in Kerala’s lush surroundings and lively culture as you set off on this enchanted adventure with us, making lifelong memories. So, take a chance, appreciate nature’s beauty, and let Maritus work its magic to make your special day truly exceptional. Prepare to say “I do” beneath the blue skies, and allow the calm coastal breeze, palm trees, and unrestricted flow of love and laughter. Put your faith in Maritus to make your dream wedding a reality in God’s Own Country!

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