As long as I can remember, weddings in Kerala have always been organised byclosefamily
and friends. In olden days weddings used totake place in the premises of theirown
homes, out in the porch or justoutsidethe house a “pandal” used to be put up, caterers
from the same locality were hired and then with one meal or maximum two, the
celebration of a wedding would getover.

But with the rise of high paying jobs and various other factors, weddings haveturned into
a lot morethan justofficiating their lovetowards one another. It is more of a celebration. A
celebration of love, laughterand all that thefuture holds for the couple who wish totiethe
knot. Weddings haveturned into so much morethan justa ceremony, it is when both of
their families and friends cometogether in awe of their love and to make memories that
they will cherish on their wedding day.

Regardless of how happyand amazing their wedding day might befor the couple, itcan
also be really stressful. This is because of the numberof things that haveto be organised
and put to displayon the day. Forstarters, the wedding invite, the wedding venue, the
wedding dates, thefood and numerous other things that haveto betaken care of. Now, in
olden days as I said these were all taken care byclosefamilyor friends and were done
with regard tothe proximityof the needed services. In thetimes of destination weddings,
we do know thatcouples are readyto flyto a whole differentcountryto maketheir day
special and their memories as unique as possible. These days everything involved in a
wedding, from the florist tothe catererare only required to bethe bestorone among the
best because couples are usually readyto spend as much as theycan to make a once in a
lifetime experience both for them as well as their guests on their wedding day.

Now, how do we makethis happen? How dotwo peopletrying to makethe bestoutof their
dayorganise such a grand wedding? This is where wedding planners come into play. Now,
mostof you know what wedding planners do. They quite literally plan and organise
weddings. In other words, wedding planners are professionals experienced in the field of
weddings orevent management that help with the overall organisation of a wedding.
Through hiring a wedding planner, there is so much moreto gain than lose.

To mention one outof a whole listof benefits that we stand to gain by hiring a wedding
planner, both the bride and the groom along with their families can relax and enjoytheir
big day. Right from the smallest things thatare required fora wedding likethe wedding
invite, tothe most important things likethe venue, anything and everything will betaken
care of byyour wedding planner. Precisely what we here at Maritus Event management
and wedding planners. “You name it, and we can do it!” is basically what we gofor when
you cometo hire us to make your big day. We at Maritus consistof ateam of the best
wedding planners in Kerala, that will offeryou options from a varietyof premium wedding
themes foryou to choosefrom. Maritus, as the name suggests, is one such choicefor
wedding event management in Kochi which aims to ‘celebratethe day’ rather than simply
offering paid services. Through each small servicethat we add tothe wedding, we look on
to maintaining the spiritof the wedding bycreating a strong rapport between us and the

Let me walk you through the majoractivities of a wedding planner to give you a clear
picture of what job a wedding planner does.

Firstand Foremost, they hold a meeting with you and take into account what kind of a
wedding you are looking for. Is itan intimate wedding with onlyclosefriends and family?
Or is ita grand celebration with the guest list hitting upto 500 people oreven more? Would
you like a simple one-dayceremonyorshould it be a 1 week long celebration of Haldi,
Sangeeth, Phere, Reception and Bidaai? Depending on this, theytakethings forward.
These arethe most important things that theytake a look on before suggesting a budget.
Theyalso help you pick athemeforyour wedding. Itcan be a dramatic, colourful, royal
theme or itcould be a simple colour-coded set up made up of pastel themes. Afterall the
basics, they get to work. Now, from here on it is youropinions that matter. All the hard
work can betaken off yourshoulder, while you are all excited foryour big day.

They set up the printers for making the wedding invites, they help in choosing the bestand
suitable wedding venueforyour theme and budget, theyarrangefor florists for the venue
decors, they getyou a caterer thatcan offeryou the best possible meal on yourspecial
day. These arethe most basicthings thatany wedding planneroffers to doforyou. Now if
you hire premium wedding planners, like us at Maritus we can help you with picking out
wedding attires for the bride and the groom as well as the bridesmaids and groomsmen
which goes with the wedding theme. We help set up the lighting arrangements, the music
console is also ourarea of expertise, we hire DJs foryour reception and cocktail parties as
well as back up dancers tothicken the vibe of celebration. We help you in obtaining any
rentals, be it the wedding attire or the car for the wedding party.

The most important thing thatyou haveto note here is thatyou are giving a solid budget to
this person who will surelycarryout the entire ceremony within the proposed budget. If it
wereto be you going outand finding a florist, a catererall separately, you can even get
scammed into paying doublethe money because you are not veryfamiliar with the market
rates of various elements required fora wedding. Exactly why, we at Maritus arethe best
option you can pick from the sea of wedding planners out there. With an experience of
over 10 years in the wedding industry, we arefamiliar with the best vendors in town and
other paid services as well. Bythat we can onlyensure you a one of a kind wedding
experience. We have grown intothe best premium wedding planners in Kerala onlythrough
the contacts we have made sofarand the degreeto which we have made ourcustomers
satisfied and content.

Now if it were a destination wedding, the work and the money will surely be extra but for
sure, all of it will glide smoothly with the help of an experienced wedding planner. Wedding
planners with theirextraneous talent, knowledge and experience in the wedding industry
will help you set up one of a kind wedding. You mustalso notethat they just don’t look at
the experience of the bride and groom, butalsofor the guests. Theytake care of the guest
experience, the ambience and set up the whole venuetothe likes of theirclients.

With all that being said, I think I have given you enough benefits and reasons as to how
and whya wedding plannershould be hired. Another thing thatyou haveto remember is
thatyou can always choosefrom ouramazing team of wedding planners here at Maritus,
to make your dayas special as itcan be. We are always onlyone call away

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