Yes, it is time to start thinking about your wedding invitations since a new round of wedding seasons are coming soon. Brides might have the most options of wedding invitations ever in history, with all the different papers, textures, colours, fonts, embellishments and attachments, packages, all mixed and matched, but paired so cohesively. If you are stuck for inspiration, keep scrolling to see the hottest wedding invitation trends in this wedding season or explore our new wedding invitation designs here.


1. Vellum


Vellum is a semi translucent paper that has a frosted like finish to it. Combining this translucent stock with modern and traditional fronts will create a truly memorable invitation suite. White ink printing, metallic foil, or soft water colour floral are all methods we can incorporate into your vellum wedding invitations. A vellum jacket, belly band, overlay or envelopes are all opportunities to include vellum into your wedding invitation suite.

2. A Return to Retro 70s

Another cool theme for for 2021 wedding invitations is the spirit of the 1970s. This isn’t a look that would suit a formal or boho wedding, but for a contemporary-cool, laidback celebration, it’s absolutely spot on. These nostalgic invitation designs featuring bold fonts and fun colour combos are perfect for those wishing to add a little retro flair into their day…

3. Acrylic

Still going strong in 2022 will be Acrylic Invitations. The transparent acrylic invitation can either be designed with simple white lettering to achieve contemporary minimalism or with flower pattern to reflect a boho style.

4. Calligraphy

Add a bit of elegance to your wedding invites by using calligraphy to make your names stand out from the rest of the text.

5. Fragrant Monochrome Structures Invite

Let’s talk about the monochrome structures first. Instead of using the regular wedding motifs and basic geometric or floral patterns, get monochrome temple structures imprinted on the card to give uniqueness to the design. Now speaking of the main element, or the star attraction of this wedding invitation idea, the fragrant nature of it, we can say that your guests are going to love opening your wedding invitation and getting warmed up by the scent of Sandalwood emitting from the sleeves of the card. If not Sandalwood, then one can opt for rose, Marigold or even Jasmine fragrance to add to the wedding card.

6. Hand Embroidered Wedding Invitation

This one-of-its-kind wedding invitation idea comes with a heavy dose of wow factor with it! Ditching paper or even glass, this invitation style is quirkier and more artistic in nature. Disks of hand-embroidered invitation design, with beautiful artworks, floral patterns and portraits of the bride and the groom is what graces this wedding design style in complete harmony. To add on to the invitation, big button design scrumptious cookies are what will turn out to be a fun treat for all the guests to munch on, while they’ll take their own sweet time to go through all the invitation disks in detail.

7. Eco Friendly Card

The card might appear just like any other regular invitation card, but this one actually comes with a pocket full of surprises and with a special purpose. Once the wedding is over and all the guests are back home wondering what to do with the beautiful invitation card, there are a set of instructions to follow and have some fun! These wedding cards are

embedded with seeds of different plants, which once soaked in water and then transferred to soil, will turn into a beautiful sapling which all the guests can nurture and help grow into a full plant or tree later. Brilliant, isn’t it?

8. 3D- Cut Out Invitation Card

Creating 3D art on paper has become an easy practice. Many designers nowadays can be seen presenting 3D cards with varying depths to create realistic looking art on wedding invitation ideas styles. This realistic looking technique will ante up any regular 2D wedding invitation ideas, bringing it to life and giving all the guests a moment of ooh and aah to admire the card right.

9. Couple Illustrations

Illustrations of the couple are on-trend for the wedding season because they add that flair for storytelling to your narrative of love and never- ending devotion. You can find independent artists and illustrators to sketch out the two of you for wedding invites. You can do it with thought and speech bubbles as well!

10. Thermography

Wedding invites are keepsakes in their own way; invest in a thermographic feel that lets you feel the ink set on the paper. The technique can be applied to a range of colors as well as embedded textures! Textures can be anything from lace to monograms.

These invitation cards can be best accompanied by wedding survival kits, stationery, a box of chocolates, assorted Indian sweets, a box of jewellery or even bags of dry fruits to go with. Remember, these wedding invitation ideas styles are a vision that can very easily be customised to cater to you every couple’s personal vision board and budgets easily